RBL is a leading market specialist for commercial property, we provide a range of professional services to Investors, State Bodies, Private Clients, Banks and Home owners.

We have a detailed working knowledge of local areas, the subtleties and tone of different area values here in central midlands. With a background in Financial Services and Property Finance we are cognisant of all matters affecting property finance underwriting assessment with 25 years experience.

This range of experience and expertise attracts a wide range of enquiries and requests for properties to suit all manner of needs. Our enquiries come from Local, National and International sources. They also come from Private individuals, Businesses, Institutional and State bodies such as IDA and much more.

It means we can confidently set about providing the best possible service in the proposed Lease or Sale or Acquisition of your property.

RBL enjoys strong networking relationships in the County at all levels and with all organisations necessary to do business in Laois.


Our Services

  • We provide Bank Commercial Property Valuations for Bank of Ireland, ACC Bank & Danske Bank clients.
  • We provide valuations for all types of commercial property; Industrial, Office & Retail. e.g. Industrial holdings, mixed use, multiple office units, rent capitalisation, single retail units, multiple retail centres and shopping centres.
  • If you need help negotiating a new lease or your rent is up for review under the terms of your lease then we can help with Lease Advisory & Rent reviews. If agreement can’t be reached we will represent you for an Arbitration hearing as an expert valuer witness.
  • Agricultural land valuations provided.
  • Commercial & Residential Development land: We will engage for the provision of Residual Valuation & Feasibility Analysis.
  • Asset Restructuring: We provide property valuations for clients and their bank in regard to asset and mortgage restructuring.
  • Rates Valuations & Appeals: A significant overhead alongside rent payments. You can engage this firm to assess and analyse your rates valuation and make representations on your behalf with the Valuations Office or Appeal your valuation.
  • RBL is a panel valuer for AIB Group Mortgage Valuations (AIB, EBS, Haven Mortgages).
  • RBL provides valuation reports for:
    Family Home & Residential Investment.

Probate and Property Tax valuations

Tax Designation Property – Section 23, Section 50,
Nursing Home & Retirement property relief appraisal.

  • We have worked with a variety of Receivers and their clients to advise and dispose of assets held in receivership or liquidation. Other related work for receivers will be Sales, Leasing and Rent Management of small portfolios of units or business parks acting on instructions from the main banks and/or NAMA.
  • As a Landlord, if you need a commercial advisor for the Lease of your property, RBL will find you suitable tenants and work through the project all the way to lease signing and moving in.
  • As a Tenant, if you are considering the lease of a commercial property then you need the advice of an expert in Landlord & Tenant matters. RBLwill assist in negotiating adequate Heads of Terms along with advice on Lease Clause structures.
  • Are you a business considering locating in County Laois? Get the job done by hiring RBL to understand your property requirements, understand your business and how it is laid out and operates on a property foot print, then instruct RBL to go find the right property for you. RBL will advise all the way through to lease terms negotiations, lease clause construction and closing.

Do you need assistance in managing your property and tenancies: Lease advice, Rent collections, Financial Reporting, Tenancy Rent Reviews and new Lettings. RBL will provide a professional service in all these matters.

Leases are very important to a property and its investment value in many cases. We are often retained to provide advice and guidance on the construction of a lease and lease clauses: what they mean, why are they used and in what circumstances.

Furthermore, we can be retained to negotiate lease terms for either a tenant or a landlord and consequently it is important to know the importance and relevance of various clauses inserted into commercial leases.

As part of our lease negotiations we draft a Heads of Terms document covering all summary sections acting as a negotiation document and ultimately providing this to the solicitors for both parties upon which the content of a lease will be based.

Most leases are constructed with a medium to long term and will contain at least one rent review or more. A lease will contain clauses which determine the definition of a rent review, what valuation basis it will be referred to and how it will be determined.

It will also contain the mechanism by which a rent review will be determined by reference to open market for instance or some other defining measurement acceptable to both parties to the lease.

Moreover in the absence of agreement the remedies are stated and what action both parties must take. This usually means appointing an Arbitrator who will, once appointed, either seek written valuation submissions from the expert valuers for both sides OR decide to hold an oral hearing at which the expert witnesses (Valuers) will give their evidence in regard to the valuations, be cross examined on their evidence and ultimately in both alternative processes, the Arbitrator will make a final binding determination as to the open market rent shall be.


Andrew is experienced in the arbitration process, representing Landlord or Tenant in capacity as a commercial property valuer in the different stages of the process all the way to an arbitration hearing.

Areas We Cover

Laois, Offaly, Carlow, Kilkenny, Kildare,
Dublin, Wexford, Tipperary and Westmeath.

Why Choose RBL

  • Specialists in Commercial property.
  • Over 25 years experience.
  • Strong network connections to do business in Laois.